A. Mapping the Terrain: Research Methodology: Empirical Research. “Is There Somebody Watching Me?”

People watching. For some it’s an activity to pass time while eating a Gregg’s pasty in the centre of town sat on a bench. Quite rightly it’s an invasive practice yet unavoidable and needed to understand the behaviours of life. Empirical research is the act of watching informants to gain knowledge through direct or indirect observation or experience.

“Is There Somebody Watching Me?” communicates to an audience the activity of Empirical Research using attractive, bright gouache paints which portray a rush of human life. I have illustrated an array of different characters which are each engrossed in their own activities yet are relating to each other through the same colours, which shows how they are their own character but connected through the act of being studied through Empirical Research. 

© 2020 Gabriella Hernandez