B. Choices / Autonomy and Filters. "Pure": Silk Screen Printing.

The silkscreen printing process has been introduced as part of my manifesto in this project. Bringing to me limitations of how I can work, the colours I can use and the detail I put into my work. Different from how I usually create, but not a complete stranger, this process has helped me to understand how I can create my own publication using the printing process.

The purpose of silk screen printing as an interruption disturbs the comfort of my usual working practice, the process is time-consuming but rewarding, as I can replicate my prints like a machine. There would have been an opportunity to print out my work had I used gouache paints and scanned in the work, but the colour would have been lost and the tactile quality of the print itself, which brings in the human element I am searching for in my illustrations.

By illustrating, printing and binding my own publication, although it being only 10 pages and having faults, has been a valuable experience to help drive my practice onto a more professional level.

© 2019 Gabriella Hernandez