C. Evaluations

Project A has been a beneficial project in regards to being introduced to a range of research methodologies and learning about the variety of methods which research can be undertaken. This has led to a positive impact on my practice, alongside the Research 1 module of my Masters, as I have now underpinned the correct terminology for my usual method of researching, which is Empirical Research. Furthermore, I have a deeper understanding on the ethical impact this research methodology has upon its informants.

I have been able to successfully communicate to an audience the purpose of Empirical Research using typography and illustrative elements in the form of a poster, being A2 size. The purpose of using a naïve hand drawn illustration style I find helps connect the human figures providing the characters with an organic attribute. Using bright yellow speech bubbles with drawn typography, again the use of hand drawn typography connecting back to the human/organic theme, explains what Empirical Research is, “an act of watching informants to gain knowledge through direct or indirect experience.” I have titled this piece as “Is There Somebody Watching Me?” as this reflects the overall activity in the viewpoint of the informant.

Project B in many ways has been a challenge to my practice. A demanding process I deliberately interjected to disrupt my comfort zone. I chose to create a narrative in response to an object from Red Brick Vintage, which is based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. Alongside this, I formed a manifesto which asked to use the silk screen printing process, to create a book to the size of A4 and I did originally intend for a three colour limit however, after experimenting with colours digitally, I noticed that using five colours would result in a stronger outcome and I was prepared to take risks and test myself and my print making ability.

What I feel is most successful about this project overall is how I have produced a published story from digital to print, although I am aware there are errors within the publication and it’s likely I would change some elements within the illustration, this project has brought me closer to the desire of becoming a professional in my field and brought to me a sense of independence to my practice.

© 2020 Gabriella Hernandez